Monday, May 30, 2011

LIFE: Only one to live.

As I get older,  I find myself looking for more constructive things to do.  Clubbing and just working to make money was not cutting it anymore.  I feel restless and unproductive.  I seek to express my creativity through my style and photoshoots; I express my need to reach out to others through my social work and non profit organizations;  I find serenity through botanical gardens and long walks.  Life has so much to offer, I wish I could do it all.

Beauty, Love, and Life is some things people strive for.  It is a great motivator, but it is also fleeting.  Enjoy it.  Live it. Appreciate it. 

LOVE: Laughter, Attraction, and Respect.

Ever lay in someone's arm and felt like nothing else mattered?  Like if the world was going to end, that you would be okay, because you were with that ONE person.  I hope everyone can find that person too.  Find someone that makes you laugh or smile just by being in the same room.  Find someone that you find attractive even if they smelled funny, has a beer belly, and is so hairy you thought he was half monkey related.  Find someone that walks the walk and you can respect for his devotion, his ambition, and his selflessness.  I've found that person. No regrets.

BEAUTY: Venice (Los Angeles) - Another World

At my last photoshoot, my photographer took me to the Venice Canals.  The houses, atmosphere, and weather was beautiful!  What I liked even more were the people of Venice city.  Right when we arrived, people were waving and greeting us with smiles.  Everyone was so nice and friendly!  It was such a nice and different vibe from what I am used to.  I felt so comfortable there, even though I was wearing five inch heels and my bikini..haha.  My photographer mentioned that people there were very "bohemian".  Well I always liked the bohemian style, and now I like "bohemian" people as well!