Friday, June 24, 2011

Love, Marriage, Kids?

Happy anniversary to me!....I've never been good with remembering dates (or names, or faces..haha but that's another story I suppose ), but lucky for me my boyfriend does!  We've been together for 3 long happy years (for the most of it) and the issue of marriage have been coming up alot lately.  His family and friends, as do mines, are always asking us when will we be getting hitched?  I've given it alot of thought lately and now I asked myself , hey why not?  I love the boy almost unconditionally and we're are quite compatible since we've lived w/each other for the last 2 1/2 years and have not tried to kill each other yet. 

So what are the issues here?  Number 1 will always be money.  Weddings that cost between 50,000-100,000?  Wow! How do people even afford this?  I rather put that fund toward my future child's life.  Or realistically, a nice vacation?  No wedding reception plans for me haha.  Number 2 is kids.  I used to think, what's the point of getting married without having kids right after?  I still think this.  Maybe not right after, but soon.  Someone once told me, it's never a good time to have kids so you might as well have them if it happens.  haha I guess I'm ready for them then.

My plans?  Get married within the next year in vegas.   Give my friends and family 36 hour notice.  Perhaps give my boyfriend 2 weeks notice lol.  Have a blast in vegas.  Go to Hawaii or somewhere tropical for the honeymoon.  Start making Franz jr. and Rebecca by 30. 

I know people say that the more educated (refined?) you are, the later you wait for marriage.  But yea the idea of waiting till i'm 30 plus and raising kids while I'm all wrinkly does not appeal to me.  Such little time, must get a move on on these plans! ;))